Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Are You Using The Power of Trust?

Have you ever really given much thought to how the Power of Trust plays out in your life?

No...I mean have you REALLY thought about it?

Here's why I ask that...

There are a very diverse and wide range of "perceptions" regarding what trust is and isn't.

Let's look at a perspective that has proven to be "profoundly powerful" for me, shall we?

No worries, there's nothing to DO in the literal sense of the word with the exception of making a choice (if necessary) to shift and begin adopting a way of BEING that will without fail enable and empower YOU to be, do and have more of whatever heartfelt desires that you aspire to create in your life.

We’re going to delve into what I've discovered to be perhaps, the single most important way of “being” that we can "choose" to engage in to ensure with unwavering certainty that abundance and happiness becomes and remains a way of life long term.

Namely…the Power of Trust.

To consciously activate the Power of Trust, first it’s necessary to discuss and cover some things that I’ve found during my many years of walking a number of paths, which I've also found keep many from fully believing and trusting that all things in life….and I do mean ALL THINGS in life, work together for a greater good.

And the “key word” in that statement isn't trust but rather to learn, understand and choose to “consciously” activate the power of trust. Because doing so "consciously as well as intentionally will enable the Power of Trust to do what it was designed and intended to do and at the same time enable you to be, do and have all that you have the ability to be, do and have.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You “Seeking Enlightenment?” As You Think, So Shall You BE

I connect and communicate with a lot of people from around the world who are on the conscious path. For the most part, they “get the fact” that our predominant method of thinking creates our reality. They get it “intellectually” at least. But an intellectual understanding doesn’t equate to “knowing.”

I have a lot of people that I connect with “tell me” they “know” this or that yet they aren’t experiencing a kind and quality of life in tangible and measurable form that aligns with what they “claim” they know.

They want to “know it”, they want to believe it, but they’re not experiencing it.

Let’s clear the air about “knowing and experiencing” the heartfelt desires that we all have.

When you know something, you’re experiencing it. You’re not thinking about it, not waiting for it, not visualizing and meditating and hoping and wishing and praying that it’s going to show up someday. When you “truly know” something it’s “knowing” that you already have it which is the one and only thing necessary to experience it. But make no mistake. That is a necessary and often overlooked part of fully experiencing whatever the “desire” might be.

Results in life aren’t “results” until they’re measurable. Until they’re made “real and tangible” they cannot be “fully experienced.” I use “fully experience” in the sense that experiencing the desire in tangible and “measurable form”…the full experience…must be achieved on 3 levels…mentally, emotionally and physically.

Anything less leads to a widespread and common condition known as wishful thinking syndrome.

Here’s what creates and sustains “wishful thinking syndrome”…

The very fact that you “believe” that whatever you desire has yet to show up. It’s that very method of thinking and perceiving which makes the “showing up” of the desire some future occurrence. And it’s going to continue to elude you and remain some “future event” unless and until you make the choice to shift and understand that there is no separation between you and the desire.

Let’s use a desire that most everyone on the conscious path tells me they have a desire to experience.

Becoming enlightened.

Becoming “enlightened” is perhaps the single most important and sought after desire that those who are serious and sincere about becoming “fully conscious” have a desire to experience. What’s often overlooked is the fact that we all without exception are enlightened already. We don’t have to seek enlightenment. We are enlightened. We only have to remember that we are. It’s only necessary to become aware and conscious of the fact that anything we “perceive” ourselves as BEING or not being…as HAVING or not having is only due to what we’ve learned to be true or untrue about life, ourselves, and on a larger scale what we know and understand to be “true” about The Source that determines what and how all these “desires” we have come to be or remain desires. It’s these learned ways of “BEING” which has created the belief that we “lack something” or require something more to become Whole.

Since the Whole is just that…EVERYTHING…a perception and belief of not currently BEING and/or having what you desire and/or the perception of something less than already having your desire fulfilled, is mirrored into your “tangible reality” as “not having” whatever it might be just as you choose.

That’s the one and only thing that creates the perception of separation that keeps us “seeking” this thing or that thing. Enlightenment is no different. It…whatever you can possibly “conceive” it as being… whether it be enlightenment or something else altogether is an integral part of the Whole just as everything is.

There isn’t any separation…any distance…any time/space at the Whole level. The Whole is the Whole. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to want, nothing to need and nothing to seek out. It ALL exists within the Whole already.

And so do YOU. There is NOTHING...NO THING...that the Whole is not.

If you perceive “enlightenment” as being something that has to be sought out and acquired, it’s going to remain just that. The absence of or the attainment of anything is an integral part of this Whole as anything and everything is.

Seeking enlightenment is going to keep you “seeking enlightenment.” It’s always going to be somewhere further down the path. The fact that your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions create your reality is very real. There is no discernment. The creative process is non-discerning, non-rational and provides results just as you choose. There is no judgment, assumptions or distinctions as to what you should or should not choose. Only results that always align and harmonize with whatever choice you make.

Results that are infinite in nature…the potential results that exist within the Whole encompass every conceivable possibility. Those results can be looked at and perceived as a “a lack of results” yet a “lack of results is an impossibility. It is and can only be a perception that shows up in tangible and measurable form in the various aspects of your life.

As you believe, you receive. Ask and it is given. Knock and the door will be opened.

Perhaps some helpful questions to ask yourself that may lead you to understand why you are wanting or desiring anything are these…

What do you believe? What are you asking for? Which door and/or doors are you knocking on?

You can continue to “seek enlightenment” or “BE Enlightened.” There are no right, wrong, good or bad choices. There are only choices that lead to the tangible and measurable manifestation or the absence of the “consciously held” desire. The process of manifestation and the cycles that sustain the process insure that something is always created. Is it the absence for you or the measurable result that you consciously desire which is showing up?

Are you consciously and intentionally calling forth what you desire to experience or “unconsciously sabotaging” the manifestation of what you “claim you want” but aren’t yet experiencing?

You’re always manifesting something. The tangible manifestation ALWAYS shows up as the lack of or the fulfillment of.

There is no “in between.” Either you are or you’re not. Either you do or you don’t. Either you will or you won’t.

There is only One Way to know at a level that enables you to “truly know” that there is no separation between you and “whatsoever ye desire”, whether it be enlightenment or something else altogether.

That way is meditation. It’s the one and only path that can and does show you that enlightenment is already yours. It enables you to move beyond the limitations of mind where separation remains a real and consistent reality and enables you to move into the space where all desires are, always have been and always will be and have already been fulfilled.

Now it’s simply a choice to recognize and understand just how “true” that is.
Do yourself and your world a huge favor. Learn and consistently engage yourself in the art of meditation and you’ll NEVER want or desire for anything, yet at the same time all these things that you “consciously desire” yet may be unconsciously and unknowingly sabotaging will be added unto you.

That's a promise that is, has and will continue to sustain and fulfill itself whether you choose to become and remain "conscious" of that fact or not.

The only question that remains now is "Will you or Won't you?"

If you're open to the idea of taking 20 minutes per day to be, do and have more of what you "truly desire" for yourself, you may find immense benefit in what The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System can do for you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Would You Like To Know How To Begin Manifesting Love From The Inside Out?

I write A LOT about Love, life and getting what you want out of life at

I do because I know you can get what you want. Whatever you want. You CAN that is, if you choose to. Most just aren't "choosing" to do that simply because they don't know how.

There are a growing number of people who do "know" that they can, but many more who don't.

A lot of people benefit from what I share and A LOT of people "think" that's a bunch of whooey, airy fairy nonsense. The thing I love about that is that we get to be right...ALWAYS and Unconditionally.

That's both amazing and funny to me. As amazing as it is, those who aren't "getting what they want", don't think it's very funny. In that case I don't think it's funny either, which is why I do what I do. In fact, I do what I do so more might see, understand and believe that they can get what they want too. It makes them smile and be happy. Truly happy.

I LOVE that.

I'll cut to the chase...

Here's where YOU Manifesting Love From The Inside Out comes into play.

I'm not a gambling man usually. It's not my nature. That is unless I'm "certain" I'm going to win the bet.

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and make a bet on this one. Want to know how to transform your life? Your entire life?

Check out this book that my "on purpose" and "heart centered" friend Dr. Tammi Baliszewski Ph.D. wrote.

It's called Manifesting Love From The Inside Out. Although on the surface it "seems" to focus on and only address love relationships exclusively, it addresses SO MUCH more.

It's profound yet very practical. It's healing and freeing. It's, in a phrase LOVE in the BIGGEST sense of the word.

So don't be fooled. Although it does show you how to "attract" the love of your life, it's the treasure map, the path, the tools and the process all rolled into one for experiencing an extraordinary quality of life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

A lot of books are written from the head and some are written from the heart. This is a masterpiece written from "the heart"...the "soul heart" actually, which is why I'm sharing it.

It will penetrate your soul and enhance your life IMMENSELY if you'll allow it to.

Get this book, listen with your heart and do what Dr Tammi shares. She "gets it" and so will you if you choose to. It will enable you to start getting what YOU want. Whatever you want. What you "truly" want.

And if you doubt it, contact me and we'll make that bet. I LOVE winning.

You win either way. If it doesn't change your life, you win our bet. If it does change your life, you win the greatest possible bet you could ever hope to win.

You win and get what you want and you'll be HAPPY either way. The difference is what you'll gain from Manifesting Love From The Inside Out is a form of Happiness AND Love that money and stuff could NEVER hope to provide in and of itself.

Go get Manifesting Love From The Inside Out RIGHT NOW while it's fresh on your mind.

It'll assist you to get out of your head and into your Heart. That's where your "true power" is.

I have nothing to gain financially from paying this forward with the exception of "knowing" that I'm contributing to you in the most meaningful and significant way that I currently know to be possible.

You're going to love it. I'll put money on it and that's not something I "usually" do. If you want to take me up that bet, I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Any takers?

In the meantime, in case you're not sure or have to "think about it", check out this segment on Empower Radio where Dr Tammi and I talk about what "truly matters" as it pertains to you getting what you want on her show Journey To Center.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quit Letting Your Life Choices Kick Your Ass...or Not

I send out a monthly newsletter that is normally reserved for those who choose to become a part of the Enlightened Journey community.

It's a free personal empowerment newsletter but some people don't associate free with having anything much of value.

And in a number of cases, they're right. There's a bunch of "free junk" online today claiming to have some value but it has anything but real value in a number of cases.

And there always seems to be some strings attached to "free." In other words free leads to "give me some of your money." And that's OK, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm just making the point, that in most cases "free" doesn't necessarily mean "free."

Since there's so much going on "out there" in the world currently, I thought I'd provide a "no strings attached" link to this month's edition simply because there are so many "allowing" life to kick their ass, and "perceiving" there is nothing they can personally do about it.

Rest assured there is.

Although that does remain true for those who "believe and perceive" that, it's in no way, shape or form based on a "Higher Truth."

So, with the hope and intention that more will "figure that out", I've decided to provide no strings attached access to this months newsletter without having to opt-in and without becoming a part of the Enlightened Journey community.

Check it out and if you see the value, come join us and we'll walk the path together that leads to what I refer to as Higher Truth.

It's life changing I can assure you, IF you'll "allow it" to be. That's truly all that's necessary and it might assist those who are "allowing" life to kick there ass, or even if it's not, provide some things to ponder as you figure out how to be, do and have more of what you "truly desire" in life.

I know it can help, but it's what YOU know and do or don't do that really matters.

I'll let you choose that for yourself. If you decide you'd like to, go here and check it out.

I "think" you might like it. Maybe even Love it.

Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think...or not.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Ready To Create An Awesome 2011? You Might Consider The Power of Being

Well, It's that time of year again when we think about our New Years resolutions and make our commitment to be, do and/or have more in the coming year than we did in the past.

And when we "do that"...when we make that commitment, we really mean it too. But more often than not something happens along the way. The end result is our once strongly held conviction fizzles out and what we set out to be, do or have doesn't become real and tangible as we hoped it would.

It's not uncommon which is sad in a sense. So I thought I'd share a way to make whatever heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that you might have, not only real and tangible but quite pleasant and maybe even effortless as you move toward doing so.

I hope you won't downplay the simplicity.

I "know" this can assist you in Being, Doing and Having more in 2011 and beyond. Maybe even Far More than you've ever dared to be, do and have in the past.

But what I know isn't important as it pertains to you nor will it determine whether you will or won't make your most sought after hopes, dreams an desires a reality.

But what I can do is share a way that I know from personal experience never fails, never wavers and never misses. And it's a way of "doing things" that creates "seemingly miraculous" results.

Check out how to initiate The Power of Being if you're ready for and serious about being, doing and having more for yourself.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

You know it's amazing to me in an almost sad kind of way that more people don't recognize the fact that they already possess the ability to be, do and have whatever they choose in life.

I'm well aware of the fact that many can't see and in more case than not, don't believe that. Yet as I discovered a number of years ago, our individually chosen perceptions and beliefs don't make it "true", with the exception of those who choose to hold such perceptions and beliefs.

I wob't get into a lot of depth about that here since I cover that extensively in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious creation.

Everyone "thinks and believes" that they need something more than they already have to begin creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life that surpasses what is so often labeled as average.

But they don't. You don't. None of us do. The vast majority only "perceive" things that way which is the very thing that keeps them from getting anything and everything so many hope, wish and pray they could, yet never do.

The bottom line is, most take an outside in approach to life which is the polar opposite of what's necessary to experience a kind and quality of life that most everyone aspires to create yet "perceive" themselves as unable, unworthy and/or unqualified to make real.

I learned a number of years ago after walking a number of diverse paths, some of which were quite painful and terrifying, that to make heartfelt dreams, goals, passions and visions real and tangible in the simplest and quickest way possible it's necessary to develop the understand of how important an "inside out approach" to life is.

But most don't. They simply don't "get it" nor understand that choosing this inside out approach awakens them to and enables them to tap into, utilize and discover where their "true power" is found.

Yet many will never discover that simply because they never make the choice to do so.

So many, due to what they "see" going on out there, overlook the fact that we've ALL been provided the tools, the ability as well as an inalienable right of "free will" to choose our own paths in life whether they be desirable or "far less than desired."

But the fact of the matter is...what I often refer to as the "Higher Truth", we have anything and everything we could possibly need already to create or if you prefer co-create "Whatsoever we desire" as timeless wisdom so clearly states.

But it's not limited to timeless wisdom and the ancient texts.

With the immense progress modern day science has made and the incredibly enhanced and elevated understanding 21st century scientists have acquired, due to enormous technological advances in recent years, it's not at all surprising that what "used to be" perceived as mystical and esoteric teachings that have been shared, taught and conveyed for thousands and thousands of years by the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity, science is just now discovering and documenting just how "real, true, powerful and profoundly simple" those teachings are.

Admittedly, for a number of years I was quite "oblivious" to that fact myself until I made a "conscious choice" to discover it for myself.

It took a number of years, walking down a diverse number of paths before I finally decided enough's enough and I became serious about creating change. I suppose, to utilize the old cliche...I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. At that point I began making different choices than I had previously.

At one point I truly believed that my life....the events conditions and circumstances experienced in my life were determined and defined by what was going on in the world around me. But years later I would discover just how "untrue and self limiting" that choice was.

I'm finding that to be true with a rapidly expanding number of people today. With everything going on the world, the constant change, rising corruption, corporate dominance in political policy and decisions, the "perceived chaos" in the world's financial arena, etc. etc. etc., a lot of people are finding themselves against the wall.

Well...they "perceive themselves" that way at least. Yet it's only a "perception" and one that will keep them stuck there unless and until they choose otherwise.

Because the fact of the matter is, we're not stuck...or at least we don't have to be unless we choose that for ourselves. Yet it's those very choices...what we choose for ourselves individually that determines the kind and quality of results that we'll experience in our lives.

A lot of people don't "get that" yet although the number that are awakening to how "real and true" that is is growing exponentially. In fact it's spreading globally at a record pace.

People from all cultures and all walks of life are finding themselves where I found myself so many years ago...sick and tired of being sick and tired...and are choosing to venture out beyond their previously held "perceptions" regarding what's possible and not possible in life and discovering as I and countless millions of others have, that life and what we choose for our lives individually is precisely what we'll experience.

And it doesn't matter what's going on "out there" in the world around us. In fact it can't impact or affect us individually in any way, shape or form whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually unless we ourselves choose to allow it to. And whatever we choose whether struggle, mediocrity, hardship or an extraordinary quality of life, we ALWAYS get to be right.

Yet I'm also keenly aware that many don't "see that." They're unaware of just how "true" that is due to their individually chosen "perceptions and beliefs" regarding themselves, their lives, others and on a larger scale the world at large.

And due that "blindness"...a self chosen as well as self sabotaging form of "blindness". many are "unknowingly and unconsciously" choosing to remain "stuck", limited and in a number of cases quite "fearful" due to all the "seemingly random and chaotic" events, conditions and circumstances that are unfolding in the world each and every day.

But it's only a choice. An "unconscious choice" no doubt but a choice nonetheless. But since it is nothing more or less than a choice it's something that can be changed and shifted anytime one chooses to do so.

And what's amazing and really exciting about that is the fact that if and when that choice is made and followed through on, as those who choose that can attest, creating and experiencing an extraordinary quality of life is much more simple, enjoyable and far less "effortless" than most can even fathom.

But the sad fact of the matter is that many never do make that choice to experience just how "true" it is for themselves.

Why? Simply because they haven't yet "chosen" to take the initiative to explore beyond what they currently "perceive" and claim to "know" with respect to what's real, right and true regarding their individual potential and the infinite probabilities that are equally available to all of us. And there are ZERO exceptions with the exception of what we choose as individuals.

Because life and what we experience in life always in ALL WAYS finds it's root in the choices that we make or choose not to make. Yet another often overlooked fact is that most don;t realize that NOT choosing is also a choice.

Not a very empowering or beneficial one, but a choice nonetheless.

Contrary to widely held perception and belief, that's the ONE and ONLY thing that sets the ultra wealthy apart from the poor and seemingly destitute...choices. It's the one single common denominator that sets the happy and fulfilled apart from those who "perceive" themselves as being in hopeless and inescapable circumstances that leads to such widespread depression and anxiety that so many globally experience.

Yet it's self induced and most simply don;t understand or even believe in a number of cases that they have the ability as well as the inalienable right to change things anytime they choose.

That's based on theory or speculation. That "knowing" doesn't come from philosophy or some airy fairy way of seeing and viewing life. The power and the potential behind it has been taught for thousands upon thousands of years and in the last hundred or so, has been validated and documented by some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world.

Yet many simply choose not to listen, hear and/or seek out what is so readily available and easily accessible to all of us without exception.

Again, a choice and as "unconscious" and dis-empowering a choice as it is, many still choose it and experience the tangible results and/or the lack of that always harmonizes with whatever they choose.

The real facts are there exists no such thing as disharmony, chaos, lack or limitation in the world but rather predominantly focused qualities of "consciousness" which further solidify the "beliefs and perceptions" that such misguided choices create.

Creation is always perfect, precise and unwavering. Most simply choose never to explore and discover the "real cause" behind it all which always leads back to individual choice...EVERY TIME.

As one of the Masters made very clear...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

Discover the wisdom and power behind that statement and you'll become enabled and empowered to experience a kind and quality of life that is often "perceived" by those who only hope, wish, pray and wait as being "reserved only for the lucky and fortunate few." It's not and never has been. It's available and attainable by you just as it is anyone else who chooses it for themselves.

I held a live, interactive conference in 2009 with participants from a round the world called The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation that explains in very simple, rational and logical detail just how real and true that is and clearly points those who are truly seeking and desiring change in their lives just how simple and profoundly transformational choosing that understanding can be.

Here's to you, your future and my sincere hope that you'll discover for yourself just how real, true and powerful what I've shared is.

If you're finding yourself fearful as so many are, if you're "perceiving yourself as being backed against the wall and unsure about what to do, if you find yourself believing that what's going on in the world around you is the determining factor as to what you can create and experience or not experience in your life, I would encourage you to explore, seek an discover the "Higher Truth" regarding you, your potential, the possibilities available to you and how the choices that you make determine just how high or low that quality of choice can take you.

If you're open and interested in learning and understanding more, check out what I share at or review a recent publication I wrote addressing and answering a number of questions received from inquiries regarding The 7 Hidden Keys which will, if you're not already aware assist in elevating your understanding and level of awareness with regard your individual potential, the possibilities available to and for you as well as your inherent gifts enabling you to be, do and have whatever you choose for yourself.

Here's to positive and profound change in your life, the kind and quality of which is, always has been and always be determined by you and the choices you make.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Life Path and The Miracle of You

Today let's touch on dreams, desires, success and failure as it relates to our individual life path.

We all have hopes, dreams and desires we aspire to create and experience in life. All of us without exception.

Regardless of who we are, where we live, the level of our success or how many times we experience "perceived" failure, we all desire more of something. The more that we want individually varies, but there's no denying the fact that we each want more of something.

Some want more love...others more money...others greater or more vibrant health, a greater spiritual connection or some variation of all of these.

Some get and make what they want real and tangible with ease it seems, while others seem to struggle and fight and grind and do, do, do. And although there are times that "doing things that way" may eventually enable to get whatever it might be that they want, it was hard.

Some never go for it at all simply because they don't think they can and so they never receive what they want.

Why is that?

What differentiates between these 3 seemingly different groups? That's the 37 gazillion dollar question isn't it...Why? What determines the difference in getting with ease, getting through struggle and not getting at all? What determines the difficulty or the ease the possibility or the impossibility?

The answer is quite simple actually. Profoundly simple. Yet it doesn't always "seem" that way. But the only reason it doesn't is because we haven't ventured outside of what we know to be true to discover, apply and experience the simplicity for ourselves.

Those who get what they want with ease don't need to. Whether they're aware of how and why things come easily to them or not is immaterial. They're doing something right whether consciously or unconsciously. They are harmonized with what they desire at some level and it comes.

But what about those who struggle and work really hard to get what they want and those that don't get it simply because they don't think they can so they refuse to even try?

What if something could be done to make the outcomes easier to acquire or to assist those who "perceive" it's no use to move toward what they want rather than away from it?

Well there is something that can be done and it's quite "simple" really.

Like everything there are some layers that have to be removed to get to the core of the answer. Not because it's difficult or complex but only because we have to make our way through all the "perceived" difficulty and complexity that we believe is so necessary.

The difficulty and complexity based on the "perceptions" that we have and choose to hold individually about the getting or not getting and the having or not having of this thing or things that we want more of.

Although even that sounds and is often "perceived" as being difficult and complex it's quite "simple." Profoundly simple.

In fact, once you do that...once you choose to get through all the perceived complexity, the simplicity becomes blatantly obvious. The answer reveals itself. The "floodlights" start coming on, making what you want...whatever you want quite simple to get.

The amount of complexity and the "perceived" difficulty we have to sort through to get to the "simplicity" varies as well. That's unique to each of us. There are various factors in play that determine that level of complexity and "perceived" difficulty that we experience individually.

But it's core it's nothing more or less than a choice. An individual choice. And that choice is only dependent on and determines the "paths" that we choose to walk down.

That's all life is really. Choices and Paths. We choose paths, walk down them and the scenery we "perceive" as we do determines our future choices which keeps us headed down whatever path those choices create.

So in essence we are observer/choosers.

That opens the door to many paths. An infinite number of paths and the ones we choose to walk down determine the amount of complexity, difficulty or simplicity that we'll experience individually.

And the number of paths are literally infinite in nature. There are hard paths, easy paths and paths that fall in between. There are varying career paths, family paths, relationship paths, financial paths, etc. etc.

For the sake of simplicity let's narrow this infinite number of paths down to the long and short paths.

Whatever our more might be individually, we can choose to take the long path or the short path. They both exist and which we choose determines the level of simplicity or difficulty that we encounter as we make whatever our "more" might be real as we travel from desire to desire throughout our life.

Let's start on the surface. The place where most stay focused and give all their time and attention to. Let's call it the logical and the practical path.

Those that do...those that get and fulfill their heartfelt dreams and desires do what it takes until they reach wherever it is they desire to go. They don't know what quit means. They don't know or at least refuse to acknowledge that "It's Not Possible." Not possible isn't an option for them. It's not in their vocabulary. They "keep on keepin on" until they achieve whatever it might be.

And those that don't get want they want simply quit prior to seeing whatever their more might be take form.

Does that mean that achieving our individually held goals is meant to be for some and not others? Does it mean that some get to have and others don't? Is it just the luck of the draw?

Absolutely not, although that's what many "believe." And for those who "choose" to "believe" that, it becomes true for them. They eliminate any hope or possibility of getting whatever it is or the attainment of that thing becomes possible or not possible.

But it goes beyond that. We also get to choose whether it will be easy or hard. Granted most don't see things that way. But that's based on beliefs and perceptions as well. It is hard for some...for most in fact.

Does that mean that the fulfillment of a desire, regardless of what it is has to be hard? No. They simply choose to remain blind to the fact that hard or easy becomes real based on their individually chosen "beliefs and perceptions" and whatever those are, they get to be right. It only depends on the path they choose.

Those who choose to "perceive" it as being "hard" never see or acknowledge the simplicity and as a result never discover how "simple" and "seemingly effortless" it can be. So they stay on the do, do, do path that makes it hard.

But it's a choice. An individual choice that we each have the right to make or not.

There are also people who just kind of exist in limbo. They never exercise their ability to make whatever it is they want "real" simply because they "believe and perceive" that getting it or not getting it is based on some "chance occurrence."

They "believe and perceive" that life is determined by a "roll of the dice"...that life just delivers what it will and whatever that is, we might just as well accept it. That is after all, how it is right? I mean this is reality we're talking about here!!

These are the hopers and wishers and maybe somedayers. Those are the ones that bank their success or failure on the 1 in 800,000,000 odds that they'll hit the lottery...someday..."maybe." These are the ones that are waiting for their "ship to come in."

And so they settle. They hope and wish and pray and wait and wait and wait for "someday." But someday never comes.

Regardless of what the situation and unique beliefs and perceptions that we hold as individuals are...we get to be right. Always without exception.

Depending on who you talk to...depending on the various "perceptions and beliefs" we each have as individuals and what we "think" is the reason for achieving or not achieving our individually chosen desires is what sets those who do apart from those who don't do. It's what determines whether it's hard or easy.

That's layer 1.

What underlies that?

Personal will. The level of personal will is the fuel that drives or stalls. The individual amount of personal will we each possess is what differentiates between those who have and those who don't have...those who get and those who don't get.

Personal will goes beyond "want." We all want but not everybody has a strong enough personal will to see their desires through to fruition. Getting what we want requires more than wanting. We all want yet it's no secret that we don't always get what we want.

We CAN...we just don't.

But the reason we don't is simply based on what we "believe and perceive" as being possible or not possible and our individually chosen beliefs and perceptions about the possibility or improbability of that thing or things happening for us determines the outcome.

Breaking through the "perceived" obstacles is what's necessary. Breaking down the limiting perceptions and beliefs is what reveals and enables us to discover and walk down the "short path."

In most cases that requires personal will, the amount of which depends on the individual. The personal will necessary to tie my shoe varies from that of wanting to make a million dollars this year or get that dream job or start a business or whatever it might be.

Based on what most believe and perceive, any of those can "seem" really difficult. Equally as difficult actually.

If I don't "know" how to tie my shoe it can "seem" really hard. Impossible even...that is unless I choose to learn how simple it is. But to do that I have to make a choice. A simple choice granted, but a choice nonetheless. Until I make that choice it can "seem" and will remain impossible for me to tie my shoe.

It's no different with a million dollars. If I don't know how to make a million dollars it can "seem" really hard or impossible even. That is unless and until I learn how "simple" it can be.

So want is really nothing more than desire. How badly do we "desire" to see our more, whatever it might be, become real and tangible? How much "personal will" is it going to take to get whatever it is?

That's a question that only you can determine for yourself.

How hard or easy is getting that thing? That's a choice as well. We can attempt to do it the way most do which is in essence choosing the "long path" or we can step outside the box a bit and discover the "short path." They both exist. They're both easily accessible. Whichever we choose is the one we get to walk.

The long path is crowded I can assure you. I've walked it. It's the long, hard, populated path.

It's not difficult. It's not complex. It's not impossible. It just is whatever we choose. We can make our more real or we can believe and perceive that we can't. We can make it hard or we can make it simple. We can take the long path or we can take the short path.

There is no "wrong" path in the bigger scheme of things. Just paths.

The short path requires nothing more or less than making a choice to understand how simple it can be. When we discover that and can clearly see just how "simple" it is, the path reveals itself. The "tangible outcome" reveals itself in far more "simple" ways than we previously imagined it could.

I've personally walked the long and the short path. I went down the long path believing that it was the only path that existed. And as long as I believed it, that's the "path" I walked until I chose to step outside of my own self limiting "beliefs and perceptions" to discover there was a different path.

But until I believed it I couldn't find it. I was blinded to it although it was there all along. I just couldn't see it because I chose not to. I refused to accept the fact that it existed and so it didn't. Not for me that is...until I chose something different.

It was there, I just didn't "choose" it.

I recently wrote and released a book that shows how "simple" it can be. It reveals the "short path." It's quite logical and practical. It's extremely simple.

What's even better is it's free.

It's called 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells.' It clearly shows why things can "seem" to be so complex as well as what makes them simple.

Should you choose to read it, I'm quite confident you'll discover how simple getting what you want is.

It will assist you in eliminating the "perceived" difficulty and complexity, introduce you to the short path and enable you to get whatever your more might be.

Should you "choose" to, you can get it here.